Welcome to the website of Roy Roberts Medium – A clairvoyant medium’s total passion. Roy Roberts is a clairvoyant medium and psychic and is one of the UK’s best known mediums and also winner of London’s Top Medium 2009.  Available for private and group readings, ghost hunts, special appearances, stage events and training courses.

“I myself, along with lots of mediums, have had lots of nastiness from others in the medium world, but I have never given up being a medium and never will.  My feeling is that we should all work together, have a true medium heart, and stay true to your gift to help others.”

Roy Roberts – A clairvoyant medium’s total passion

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Thank You does not truely express my gratitude for the reading you gave me Friday night at the Psychic weekend with TJ Higgs and friends Pontins. You started the link by talking about a Nun, then gave my name, Alan along with being bald and then the Nun turned into the guy that was on Britain's got talent and that Alan looked like him. At this point I took the message and explained that I was Alan and I was bald. The Nun is a guy known as Musical Ruth and is a favorite of my granddaughters who say that when I have my hoody up I look like him. You then followed this up by bringing through my Dad and giving his name, Arthur followed by my Mother and Father in law, giving their character and personalities along with the causes of their passings.You also said there we problems with ears and was pulling at the lobes. My granddaughters have just had their ear pierced and they are sore as a result. The lead into the reading was, in my opinion, one of the finest, precise and most accurate I have ever heard and could have only been for me out of a room of hundreds. The reading continued with evidence that was first class and the final message from my Dad was exactly what I needed to hear and will stay with me for sometime. Overall, this was some of the finest mediumship I have ever heard and which still leaves me amazed as I recall the reading. Thank you Roy
I have had a private reading from Roy and also attended some of his stage shows. Roy is a fabulous medium with a wicked sense of humour and an incredible accuracy in mediumship. At my private reading Roy told me some things about myself and those around me with with such detailed accuracy that within minutes I was pretty sure he is the real deal! He knew some things about myself and others that, in all honesty, I hadn't even told another single soul! So for Roy to pick up on these things was a great surprise! Roy offered guidance and comfort regarding family members that are no longer with us and also offered advice regarding future events. At the time, some of the information Roy gave me did not make much sense in relation to present events but it soon became apparent in near future events what Roy was referring to! A lot of events Roy mentioned to me in my future have indeed proved to be bang on, he is spookily accurate!! Roy is a friendly and easygoing medium, and he delivers his readings in such a humourous and entertaining fashion that you really feel at ease from the very beginning. Roy's delivery makes receiving news fun and enjoyable, not sad and upsetting. I hope to have a reading from him again soon!
Vicky, Essex
Roy has a real gift, he is an amazing medium and gives intuitive readings.  I have had 2 readings with Roy, both times the detail included in the reading were extremely accurate and I found the experience something I would recommend to anyone.
I went on an amazing ghost hunt run by Roy at the Cage in St Osyth. It was an amazing experience & Roy was a superb host getting us all involved but making sure we were all protected. I would love to go on another one. I have also had a telephone reading with Roy & I could not believe how accurate he was with names & dates. There was no way he could know so much about passed love ones & my life now. I would recommend him 100%
I've had 2 readings now and both have been an amazing experience. Roy is the third person I've seen in 12 years and by far the best. The information he gave left me in absolutely no doubt that he was 101% genuine and the reading although painful to hear at times allowed me to understand past situations and help with the current ones. Will definitely be booking another in the future.
Dionne, Middlesex
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