Roy was born in 1965 to mother Freda and father, Bob, whom were foster parents from the year 1959, to which in an unbelievable state, fostered 88 children from 1959, so Roy was used to being around many problem people and learning he had to ‘share’ his parents with many others.

Roy was born to Freda and Bob in 1965
Pictured Left to Right: Roy’s parents Bob and Freda, Roy’s mother Freda, Roy’s father Bob

Then Roy’s first recollection of his mediumship came at around 13 years of age, to which a lady, a social worker, attended his parents house, to which he told this woman, (Roy of course, not understanding what was coming to his head at the time) about a ring, a jewelry box and the name of a specific road that these items were missing from. Only to find out the lady had been burgled 2 weeks prior.

Roy’s mothers’ first memory was when he was three, Roy only being a toddler, came down the stairs and the curtains were pulled as a mark of respect, due to an elderly gent passing in the same road. To which Roy stood and waved to the window as the Hearse went past the house, although not being able to see the procession or knowing the gentleman had passed away.

Back to the age of 13, after the episode, Roy was continually receiving information and hearing different voices, resulting in Roy’s parents deciding to take him down the psychiatric route, (themselves, not understanding the world of mediumship).

Roy would attend these clinics until the age of 15, to which one psychologist stated to Roys’ father, Bob (after Roy had ‘read’ him), that he needed to go to a church. Roy was taken there by his father and the response was that he would make a very good medium as time went by.

Roy with his father and son Mark and Kane

Pictured Left to Right: Roy’s father, mother, son Kane and brother Gary, Roy’s son Mark, Roy’s son Kane

After leaving school, Roy became a wrestler and then a DJ, during which time, he fathered 3 boys, Kane and Mark. These boys are now showing interest in the medium world. Roy also has his recently born lovely little boy Sebastian.

Roy's son Sebastian

Pictured Left to Right: Roy’s son Sebastian, Roy Roberts and son Sebastian

Roy had pushed aside the medium world for many years through not understanding, fear or whichever reason, but luckily came back into the fold when Roy was in his latter 30’s by just doing 1 to 1 readings, having gained fuller understanding and experiences throughout these years.

Roy Roberts Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic

Pictured Left to Right: Roy Robert’s Promotional Shots
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In 2009, Roy won the title of London’s Top Medium and was also rated as one of the top paranormal investigators in the country, via magazines, radio etc. Roy also currently does stage shows, ghost hunts, and goes anywhere where his mediumship takes him.

Roy Roberts Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic

Pictured: Roy Roberts

Roy has also worked alongside the Sun newspaper during their London Ghost Week, and also appeared on TV and radio not only in the UK but USA as well.

Roy also does readings for people abroad and is now still rated as one of the best in his field.

Roy would personally like members of the public to know that he does not walk down neither a Christian Spiritual route or a Pagan route and states he prefers to remain in the centre.

Sadly, Roy lost his mother in 2013 but says, ‘I still have her’.

Roy Roberts, Freda and Bob

Pictured Left to Right: Roy Roberts, Roy’s mother Freda, Roy’s father Bob
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